Deburring for better threads and enhanced fit accuracy

The machining of metal components generally creates burr. As soon as material is displaced, splinters, edges or frayed surfaces occur.

Modern deburring machines enhance workpieces and deliver smooth edges after punching, casting or cutting. The deburring process takes place automatically – even for small and medium-sized volumes. This is because the flexibility of our water jet cutting systems eliminates tiresome retooling processes. Whilst it has been possible to deburr defined edges automatically, the deburring of undefined edges is now also possible with such a high level of efficiency that cost-intensive deburring by hand is no longer required. And that makes your production process leaner. On the one hand the automated process is faster and more easily controlled than deburring by hand. On the other, many companies have previously had components driven through Europe on trucks for deburring looking for low-cost service providers for manual deburring work.

In-house deburring saves transport times and therefore costs

Since deburring can now be completed automatically in the actual production hall, you can eliminate all transport times and costs. Furthermore the management costs the material flow, including jammed motorways, queues at borders and expensive customs clearance are now a thing of the past. Other cost benefits derived from automated deburring include a reduction in the amount of refinishing for components because once they have been deburred they are completely finished, thus also reducing the capital tied up in them.

Even complex parts can be deburred reliably with a water jet system

Full deburring with no residues is essential, particularly for parts for the automotive industry. There must be no chips or particles from previous processes in cylinder heads of valve blocks. Even internal and included burr and particles can be removed easily using modern deburring systems. Swivel head equipment with five levels of freedom and a pulsed water jet can even clean and smooth with difficult access effectively and reliably.

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