Water jet cutting and laser cutting on the highest level

gKteso is ISO 9001 certified

Since 1990, gKteso GmbH has been designing and manufacturing water jet cutting systems, laser cutting systems as well as deburring cells and grinding systems.  As a mid-size company located in Bobingen near Augsburg, founder and Managing Director Guido Kübler backs on a sophisticated modular system. Since 2003, the company has been producing machines in small series for the aerospace industry, the automotive and the supplier industry. Top quality and optimal benefits for the customer represent the ISO 9001 certified company’s maxims. Today the company occupies a total of 35 employees, twelve of them operating in the development sector, the other staff working in production. Two apprentices, who learn the profession of mechatronics, dedicatedly support the team.

Water jet cutting for fast and precise processing procedures

gKteso presents itself on the market with four system types: For water jet cutting, laser cutting, grinding and deburring.  Water jet cutting systems by gKteso can be optimally integrated in production lines. Their efficient and reliable technology permits cutting even during fastest operating processes, from carbon up to mixed plastics, in a precise and multi-axial manner. Cuts by means of a high pressure water jet are accurate. The jet separates the material at a pressure of up to 6000 bar and outlet flow rates of up to 1000 m/s. The heatless process suggests itself particularly for the processing of plastics or hardened steel. The noise emission is strongly reduced by means of the closed system.

Laser cutting for complex outlines

Complex outlines require laser cutting technology, in order to process work pieces multi-dimensionally, precisely and quickly. Laser cutting technology by gKteso even permits processing areas of limited access or powerless processing.  The grinding machines with their powerful drives by gKteso provide highest performance.

gKteso’s broad portfolio

Deburring cells by gKteso remove burrs after milling-, punching- or turning operations through grinding and milling off the protruding material. Also drilling works on aluminum die cast parts are possible in these systems. Plastic parts produced through deep-drawing processes can be finished without any problems as well. All around, gKteso offers technologies and innovative systems to facilitate cutting processes and finishing of work pieces in serial production in an efficient and contemporary manner. You have questions regarding gKteso and its portfolio around water jet cutting, laser cutting, grinding and deburring? Then simply give us a call or write us.

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