Machines for Industrial Finishing: Deburring, Water-Jet-Cutting, Laser-Cutting

If you are looking for a competent and extremely experienced partner who provides high-quality machines for industrial finishing at low starting prices, gKteso GmbH is the right place for you. For more than 25 years, the company has been developing machines for deburring and grinding of complex workpieces and variably usable water-jet-cutting and laser-cutting machines. If you are looking for a professional provider, among others for edge and metal deburring, contact us.

Finishing Machines in Perfection: Ordering Deburring Machines from the Pro

According to experience, deburring requires the highest precision. Therefore, you are presented with an end processing or deburring machine that matches your individual requirements precisely. Get rid of the annoying finishing and invest in the corresponding machines that we will provide to you in various versions. If automatic deburring is of interest to you as well, the end processing machines we offer among others permit

  • performing inspections
  • inserting bores and threads already in advance
  • and generating the corresponding added values.

No matter which deburring technique you prefer: you can expect best result from gKteso at all times.