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Our modern systems for deburring, assembly and waterjet cutting are based on a sophisticated modular system, which means they can quickly adapt to future changes.

WCS base

Waterjet cutting

DS integrated

Finishing and deburring

AS base / AS integrated

Assembly machines

Machines for automated assembly

The feeder robot with a camera system is the heart of the flexible assembling system AS integrated. On the one hand, the large rotary table with space for up to 48 different components ensures hours of replenishment. And on the other hand, the two assembly robots work through all of the task packages. This means that both medium-sized series, which have to be retooled more often, as well as larger series can be economically operated, and above all with a minimum number of staff in 3 and 4 shifts.


  • Quickly retooled
  • Possible to independently process work packages
  • Whole shifts can be prepared

Machines for automated rework

No matter whether you want to rework or finish die cast parts, plastic components or other components, you will always find what you are looking for with DS integrated. All reworking, such as milling, thread cutting, reaming, deburring and brushing, marking and testing, which are often still done manually, can be combined and processed in one machine. At the end, you get finished manufactured components with consistent, reproducible quality.


  • Faster cycle times
  • Can be expanded in any number of ways
  • Different processes can be integrated
  • Flexibilization of production
  • Reduction of costs

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Machines for automated waterjet cutting

Processing composite materials is often not that simple. No matter whether they are structural components made of carbon, components for sound insulation or special cladding parts, with the waterjet cutting systems WCS base or WCS integrated, you can process these molded components 5-dimensionally and therefore also produce them in series. The WCS integrated, which is equipped with a shuttle table, can be loaded in parallel to production time, increasing output.


  • Standard system for series production
  • 5D processing
  • Compact design

Low-cost entry-level model for automatic rework

Ideal for customers who want to enter automatic rework step by step. The DS base offers all possibilities and all processes of finishing to integrate. The compact design reduces the space required. There is also the possibility to integrate this into existing lines. Of course, this machine can also be partially automated or fully automated with a robot at a later date.


  • Inexpensive entry-level model
  • Universally expandable
  • Up to 16 workstations possible