Innovative products for waterjet cutting, laser cutting, deburring and grinding

Innovative technology solutions by gKteso for best results

The innovative products by gKteso for waterjet cutting, laser cutting, deburring and grinding are based on a sophisticated modular system. gKteso constructs and distributes serial waterjet cutting systems, laser cutting systems, deburring cells and grinding machines for the aerospace industry, the automotive as well as the supplier industry. The systems can be optimally integrated in production lines and permit even fastest processing processes, due to their efficient and reliable technology.

Waterjet cutting with precise results

Whether with pure water or the addition of sand ÔÇô waterjet cutting systems provide clean cuts and are particularly suitable for cutting functional components. The materials are separated by means of a high-pressure waterjet. The line-capable waterjet cutting systems cut anything from carbon to mixed plastics in a multi-axle and precise manner. Depending on the requirements, the waterjet cutting systems are equipped accordingly with the adequate pump, which differ in capacity. There is no heat generated in this process, facilitating processing of plastics or hardened steel.


Machines for automatic assembly

The AS integrated flexible assembling system consists of the compact assembly cell as well as a camera-assisted separation robot outside the assembly cell plus a turntable for the material feed. The flexible assembly cell can be easily converted and is thus available for new tasks on a daily basis. The AS integrated assembling system enables different assembly production in day and night shifts and is particularly suitable for medium batch sizes and components weighing up to two kilograms.

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Deburring for clean edges

In deburring, burrs arisen during mechanical processing of milling-, punching- or turning operations, due to material displacement, are removed with technology by gKteso. Deburring cells grind and/or mill the edges. Even simple milling- and drilling works on aluminum die cast parts are possible in these systems. Also plastic parts produced through injection molding can be efficiently finished by deburring. Optionally, the systems can be equipped with an additional rotary axis. The completely closed work space meets the high safety requirements.


Grinding machines for optimal surfaces

Grinding with machines by gKteso represents the highest form of automation, whereby measurement controls measure the abrasion in regular intervals and consequently adjust the grinding process. Post-processing of metals becomes an easy task with this system, since it is ideally suited for automatic grinding of components. Especially in the supplier industry, this system makes fast and reliable post-processing of steel-, stainless steel-, or aluminum components possible. Large quantities make this procedure particularly profitable. You have questions about laser cutting, waterjet cutting, deburring or grinding with systems by gKteso? Then give us a call or write us.


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