Various industries benefit from gKteso

Cutting and deburring at the highest level

Quite diverse industries benefit from gKteso’s technologies for cutting, grinding and deburring. The systems and machines stand the test in the automotive and two-wheel industry, in the aerospace industry, the supplier industry, in foundries, in the plastics industry and in mechanical engineering. The automated, line-capable and multi-axle systems fit perfectly in existing production processes and support the machining of various materials at a fast rate and a high throughput.

Multiple technologies by gKteso meet industrial diversity

The variety of workpieces to be cut, ground and milled for the automotive industry with the systems by gKteso, ranges from trimmed exterior mirrors to structural components and crash relevant parts. Steel, titanium, carbon and numerous mixed plastics receive their final cut and touch through the systems by gKteso.

Workpieces for the aviation industry are lightweight, durable and accurate to 0.05 mm, when processed with the waterjet cutting systems, laser cutting systems, deburring cells and grinding machines by gKteso. Foundries, but also enterprises from the aerospace industry as well as the automotive and supplier industry and other industries benefit from the trouble-free post-processing of components with deburring cells by gKteso.

Expertise in industry flows into systems engineering

Prototype-, forming- and joining processes are relevant for the plastics industry. Mostly, these processes are accompanied by cutting, grinding or deburring of the produced parts, which can be accomplished in a highly professional manner with the systems and machines by gKteso. This claim is necessary, as only production companies able to deliver high quality at a reasonable price will have a chance in the international market.

Optimizing production processes in cutting, grinding, deburring

It will be increasingly important for companies to optimize all production processes. Together with gKteso’s technologies there are partly and fully automated systems on the market that meet and exceed today’s high quality demands at economically reasonable costs. The company pursues innovative processing technologies for post-processing workpieces from serial productions of numerous industries as well as for cost-efficient cutting processes.

Many industries benefit from systems by gKteso

Today, an increasing degree of automation requires technical systems equipped with complex measuring- and control technology. This applies also to cutting systems, deburring cells and grinding machines by gKteso, which represent valuable components for production processes in mechanical and systems engineering. Overall, gKteso offers suitable technologies for cutting, grinding and deburring of complex, multidimensional workpieces in many industries. You have questions? Then give us a call or write us.

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