DS base
DS base

Deburring System DS base ÔÇô the entry-level model by gKteso

Automated deburring with a multidimensional system

DS base, a Deburring System by gKteso, ensures perfect removal of burrs, fraying or splinters. The innovative deburring cell processes workpieces that have been mechanically machined through mill-ing, punching or turning operations, showing edges caused by material displacement. With DS base, these burrs can be removed in order to ensure trouble-free further processing.

Grinding edges with DS base

DS base is used for grinding and/or milling edges. . Moreover, simple milling and drilling works are possible, for example on aluminum die cast parts. The deburring cell suggests itself also for 3D-trimming and drilling of holes as well as for post-processing of plastic components produced through deep-drawing processes.

Entgratmaschine DS base


Entry-level model by gKteso for automatic deburring

DS base presents itself as the entry-level model into the technology of automatic deburring and is suitable for many industries. This system is particularly respected by companies in the aerospace industry as well as the automotive and supplier industry. The variety of workpieces processed with a deburring cell by gKteso for the automotive industry ranges from exterior mirrors to structural com-ponents up to crash parts.

Multi-axle deburring cell

Thanks to the multi-axial features of deburring cells, even highly complex components such as cylin-der heads, hydraulic blocks and pump housings can be perfectly smoothed. The precision in this pro-cess supports the quality demand of the supplier industry and increases the efficiency of production processes additionally. Also in prototype-, forming- and joining processes in the plastics industry, produced parts often need to be deburred and ground. The line-capable systems by gKteso remove protrusions automatically and multi-dimensionally. They guarantee perfect surfaces, even at a high processing throughput.

5-axis deburring cell DS base for complex forms and geometries

The deburring cell DS base with its five axes works very precisely, it is flexible and capable of pro-cessing even most complex geometries and form elements. Optionally, this system by gKteso can be equipped with an additional rotary axis. The completely closed workspace meets the high safety re-quirements. DS base by gKteso is furnished with a Bosch-Rexroth control (DIN-programming) and a 2-jaw chuck. Its workspace measures 500 mm x 500 mm x 300 mm. The maximum velocity is 1 m/s, the repetition accuracy is 0.05 mm and the path accuracy is 0.1 mm. You have questions around debur-ring and the deburring cell DS base by gKteso? Then give us a call or write us.

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