DS integrated

Deburring System DS integrated

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• High efficiency
• Multi-axis processing of complex workpieces
• Simple operation of the deburring systems

Deburring, brushing

Maximum speed
during editing


In 5-axis with 0.02 mm

Check, Mark

Measuring probes, laser scanners and marking systems

Flexibly expandable

start favorably,
individually expandable

DS integrated deburring system for process reliability and throughput

Deburring cell from gKteso impresses with its special equipment

The DS integrated deburring system, a deburring cell with part feed, is a system optimized for throughput, process reliability and complete automation for the finishing of mechanically produced workpieces. Buy the DS integrated model which is equipped with an additional shuttle table or rotary table compared to the basic model.

Deliver high quality at a low price with gKteso

In international competition, only those manufacturing companies that can deliver high quality at a favorable price still have a chance. It is therefore becoming increasingly important for companies to optimize all manufacturing processes, including the removal of burrs caused by material displacement at the edges of workpieces during milling, punching or turning operations.

In the metal and plastics processing industries such as automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, foundries and the two-wheel industry, the edges of workpieces were often still removed manually in the past. With gKteso’s deburring cells, partially and fully automated systems are on the market that more than meet today’s high quality demands at economically justifiable costs.


  • High throughput
  • Can be fully automated
  • Increase in quality
  • Flexibilization of production
  • Reduction of costs

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28 years of experience
Specialists for machining complex workpieces
Sophisticated modular system

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Technical data:

500 mm x 500 mm x 300 mm
Total size
1800 mm x 1800 mm x 2500 mm
Maximum speed
1 m/s
0.05 mm
Web accuracy
0.1 mm

up to 16


Output increase through unmanned shifts

Good staff is often only available for the normal day shifts. With late or night shifts, this becomes more and more problematic. By adding an additional robot, unmanned shifts can be prepared and started at the push of a button.

By using the shuttle table and preparing the 16 workstations accordingly, it is also possible to produce smaller batch sizes and automatically change them over to a second component, for example.


  • Flexible preparation
  • Can be fully automated
  • Unstaffed operation

Data sheet
DS integrated

The DS integrated 5-axis deburring cell can be used for everything from simple to complex finishing work

Depending on the application, there are components for which only simple reworking is necessary, for example, recutting threads in prefabricated sheet metal parts. Of course, there are also components with several reworking operations, such as a backworking operation for turned parts or a machining of the 6th side on milled parts. And then there are complex finishing operations, e.g. for aluminum castings, which have to be re-milled, drilled out, cast edges deburred, partially sandblasted in between, and threads inserted, marked and tested at the end. All this is easy to do for the users of the DS integrated due to its flexibility.