WCS base
WCS base

WCS base – 5-axle waterjet cutting system for clean edges

Waterjet cutting of mixed plastics, composite materials and carbon

WCS base, a waterjet cutting system by gKteso, is ideal as an entry-level model for waterjet cutting. Particularly 3D-trimming and processing of workpieces that do not permit processing with conventional methods like laser cutting or machining can be perfectly processed with this technology. WCS base is used in the automotive and supplier industry as well as in the aerospace industry. Mixed plastics, composite materials and carbon (CFRP) obtain clean edges. The five axes ensure multidimensional cutting of workpieces. The waterjet cutting system WCS base permits automatic loading and can be completely integrated in production lines.


Waterjet cutting of highest path accuracy

The waterjet cutting system WCS base’s workspace measures 500 mm x 500 mm x 200 mm and is completely closed, thus, increasing work safety. The maximum velocity, which depends on the quality and density of the material to be processed, is 1 m/s. The repetition accuracy as well as the path accuracy is estimated at 0.1 mm. If quartz sand has been applied during processing, it is possible to collect and separate it in a sludge removal unit.

Waterjet Cutting Systems ensure pulsation-free high pressure waterjet

The high pressure pump Streamline, integrated in the waterjet cutting system WCS base, ensures a pulsation-free high pressure waterjet. The feed flow of this pump amounts up to 15.2 liters per minute at a pressure of 3800 bar. The waterjet, still highly energetic after waterjet cutting, is retained by a water tank functioning as “beam attenuator” and subsequently converted into heat. This requires a water tank with a sufficient water column to protect the system from overheating. As heating could have an influence on the behavior of the workpieces, the water jet cutting system provides CNC-corrections.

Waterjet cutting system WCS base with CNC-control by Bosch

All waterjet cutting systems are equipped with CNC-controls by Bosch-Rexroth, permitting interpolation of all axes as well as adaptive feed rate reduction, depending on the cutting process. You have questions in regards to the water jet cutting system WCS base by gKteso and waterjet cutting? Then give us a call or write us.

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