Machines for industry

Industrial production with products from gKteso

  • High economic efficiency
  • Greatest possible flexibility
  • Short amortization period

WCS base
Waterjet cutting

DS integrated
Finishing and deburring

As integrated
Assembly machines

Increase your efficiency and save resources with the new products from gKteso

At the start of the production chain there are often fully-automated systems, such as die casting machines, turning machines, fully automatic milling centers, and then?
Manual deburring, manual testing and of course also a labor-intensive assembly of components.
But these processes can also be largely automated. Our machines will help you precisely with this!

  • Post-processing
  • Testing
  • Assembly

No matter the bottleneck you are dealing with, gKteso can always provide you with first-class results

Our Services

Together with you, we analyze your task and create a suitable concept for you, free of charge. For this purpose, in the first step send us photos, drawings, parts or modules and we develop different ways to automate these together with you.

As integrated

AS base / AS integrated
Assembly machines

Universal, expandable (modular system, also for small quantities)

As integrated

DS integrated
Machines for rework

Milling, deburring, brushing, measuring, testing and marking all in one machine

As integrated

WCS base / WCS integrated
Machines for  waterjet cutting

Flexible cutting of special materials. Cutting parts efficiently with waterjet.

  • Flexibilization of production
  • Reduction of costs

Do you have questions about the technology solutions from gKteso for the die cast industry for machining die cast parts? Then call us or write to us.

28 years of experience
Specialists for machining complex workpieces
Sophisticated modular system


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Our new assembly centers AS base and AS integrated

Learn more about our new automatic assembly centers. You too will learn to quickly appreciate the advantages of automatic assembly compared to your labor intensive assembly. Three integrated robots working together take care of simple assembly tasks or, if necessary, also the automatic assembly of modules consisting of up to 48 different components.

  • Gluing
  • Screwing
  • Greasing
  • Pressing
  • Pickle
  • Check

Finishing machine for small to medium-sized components

Endlessly searching for the right supplier who will provide you with a finishing machine for 3D waterjet cutting, deburring and 3D laser cutting is now a thing of the past. You can rely on the experts from gKteso GmbH if you want to buy a deburring, waterjet cutting or laser cutting system for special industrial applications.
Feel free to get in touch with us if you are interested in automation and deburring as well as in waterjet, laser cutting and cutting systems for the supplying industry. As a certified partner (ISO 9001), we are happy to provide you with an in-depth consultation. You can reach us at the telephone number +49 8234 / 966 38 41 and the email address info@gkteso.de!