Secure head-start: water-jet cutting systems by gKteso apply the proper pressure.

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Cut demanding contours of steel, aluminum, carbon and composites with a 3D-guided water jet. Cost-efficient starting at small series.

gKteso water-jet cutting systems are available starting at a low-cost entrance model.

We build machines for many different applications and materials. Partially or fully automated – we have the right system for you!


Economic efficiency


Up to 8 axes

Many versions

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CNC water-jet cutting
three-dimensional and precise

Rational serial production of workpieces for the automotive industry or aviation and aerospace works with the support of CNC: the water-jet cutting systems by gKteso thus adjust to individual production tasks and different series very easily. High repeat accuracy and precise cutting included.

Low-cost entrance models – for water-jet cutting systems  

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Pure-water cutting or abrasive closing –
Everything in a single system

Completely integrated machines

Quality and precision with the best tracking and repeat accuracy – this is our target. Because of this, we build machines refined to the last detail. All parts are coordinated with and optimised for each other to permit a quick and precise motion.

Continually new materials?
Cut a good figure!

The automotive industry is continually developing improved materials in order to ensure light weight and, as a result, economic efficiency of the vehicles in spite of growing size. The water-jet cutting systems by gKteso keep you in the race: Complex carbon parts, covers of natural-fibre-reinforced plastics or composites can be reliably separated and processed with the water jet – quickly and in multiple dimensions.

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Perfect cutting process –
optimal from small to large series.
Water-jet cutting systems by gKteso
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