Plastics industry
Plastics industry

Plastics industry requires automated machining centers

Plastics are cut and deburred with gKteso

The plastics industry subsists on the manufacturing of molded parts, semi-finished products, fibers or sheets made of plastics. Particularly prototype-, forming- and joining technologies are of importance for processing various plastics. Usually, these processes are connected with subsequent cutting, grinding or deburring of the produced parts.

Technology range by gKteso for the plastics industry

gKteso and its technology range delivers efficient solutions, especially with its waterjet cutting systems, laser cutting systems, grinding machines and deburring cells, particularly for the processing of plastics. The high-performance, automated and multi-axle systems cut and deburr even complex, multidimensional components. Whether waterjet cutting systems or laser cutting systems are applied, not only depends on the material to be processed, but also on the desired cutting result.

Plastics are cut with water or laser

Waterjet cutting systems with cold processing procedures ensure precise edges without any heat related material deformations. The cuts pursue the desired pattern up to 0.05 mm. Due to the waterjet cutting systems’ automatically controlled multi-axial features almost any complicated shape may be cut spatially. Structural changes are even lower with the use of abrasive-waterjets making this process very popular. Also in workpieces made of mixed materials, waterjet cutting offers best cutting conditions.

Plastics won’t deform in waterjet cutting

In cutting with water there are no mechanical strains, no thermally caused deformations or heat affected zones, thus, making in most cases post-processing of edges unnecessary. This also entails economic advantages. The cutting paths are generated by means of 3D file. All relevant cutting data like feed rate, pressure or sand feed can be individually set in the machine program. As there are no dusts or vapors to be worried about in this cold cutting process, waterjet cutting proves to be exceptionally environment friendly.

High throughput in cutting and deburring plastics

Also when laser cutting systems are employed, the plastics industry benefits from the line-capable, automated systems which achieve a high throughput as well. A dual shuttle table or optionally a rotary table, available for waterjet cutting systems as well as laser cutting systems, allows parallel loading and subsequently low cycle times. Even areas of limited access or three-dimensional apertures during the processing of plastics can be handled through laser cutting in a precise and fast manner.

Deburring cells and grinding machines by gKteso suggest themselves for post-processing of plastics. They grind or mill material protrusions automatically and multi-dimensionally ensuring perfect surfaces. You have questions about technology solutions by gKteso for the plastics industry in cutting or deburring of plastics? Then give us a call or write us.

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