Aviation industry
Aviation industry

Aviation industry requires cutting systems

Complex aircraft components are cut with gKteso

The aviation industry, particularly aircraft manufacturers and their suppliers are in demand of strong innovative capacity in regards to environmental compatibility, improvement of passenger comfort, increase of transport capacity and efficiency. The changes of production processes, which have to be adapted to these requirements in order to enable the manufacturing of the aircrafts accordingly, are correspondingly large. Even complex components need to be cut, which can be excellently achieved on cutting systems by gKteso.

Cutting systems for maximum precision

Today, in order to allow a top-quality aircraft to exit the manufacturing halls and hangars to fly successfully into the future, modern materials must be processed into high-quality products in ever more efficient manufacturing procedures. Workpieces for the aviation industry are light-weight, durable and of highest fitting accuracy, which again require the according top-quality, high-performance production systems. Multi-axle cutting systems by gKteso allow multidimensional cutting of various materials and complex components for aircrafts.

The cutting machines are based on a modular system. The technology is therefore only adapted on a small scale, if necessary. Aside from the actual cutting procedure, drillings may be requested that can be inserted by an additional tool.

Aviation industry relies on cutting systems by gKteso

gKteso is partner for numerous companies in the aviation industry that cut, grind and deburr their workpieces with waterjet cutting systems, laser cutting systems, deburring cells and grinding machines. The multi-axle systems and CNC-controls ensure highest accuracy in the cuts required.

Aircraft components are cut with water or light

Whether by means of water or light – depending on the material – aircraft components made of steel, aluminum, carbon or multilayer composite plastics are three-dimensionally cut or drilled. Either for turbines, wheel bearings or for interior fittings up to the seats: The aviation industry’s knowhow is optimally implemented with cutting systems by gKteso ensuring flight safety. Due to their integration capability, cutting systems by gKteso increase efficiency in the aviation industry’s production lines. Furthermore, they prove themselves as stand-alone systems particularly in demanding tasks. You are a company in the aviation industry and have questions related to our offer for aircraft manufacturing or our cutting systems? Then give us a call or write us.

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