The story of laser cutting started in 1960 with the first laser

Albert Einstein provided the basis with his findings about light and Theodore Maiman used this knowledge to build the first laser in 1960

And to achieve this not only did he need special components but also skilfully put together what he already had. Actually, Maimann used a bright flashing lamp, a ruby crystal and mirrors to design the first functional laser. But at that time in the story of laser cutting, neither inventors nor industrial users were able to grasp the benefits and the possible applications of the laser. In fact, the story of laser cutting is a perfect example of a solution for which a problem first had to be found.

Now lasers are everywhere – lasers on the march

The story of laser cutting has now advanced a good deal and applications have long been part of our everyday life. For example in CD and DVD players the information is read using a laser beam, barcode scanners in a supermarket use a laser beam and in laser printers the ink roller is irradiated. And the advance of laser cutting shows no sign of stopping in industry either with more and more companies cutting, engraving or welding workpieces with the help of bundled light.

Whereas previously it was only possible to cut metal with shears or punches, laser cutting was a new and very efficient technology. Metals of all kinds in the form of sheets can be cut with a laser, but so can plastics and composites. In the story of laser cutting, cutting with light has proved particularly attractive due to its speed, a laser can cut at a rate of up to 10 m of metal per minute depending on the material and its thickness. Whenever great cutting accuracy is required or the workpiece must be cut with zero contact, the laser is the answer. The story of laser cutting is not yet finished with more and more applications being added to it.

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