Automotive industry
Automotive industry

Automotive industry benefits from solutions by gKteso
Sleek cars with waterjet cutting or laser cutting

Waterjet cutting and laser cutting in line productions

In automotive industry, many thousands of cars fill production lines annually, requiring waterjet cutting or laser cutting of their respective components. In 2013, around 14.210.000 new vehicles were registered for traffic in Western Europe. Worldwide 56.3 million cars were recorded. Germany is the third-greatest car producer in the world, behind China and the USA. Accordingly weighty is the economic power of the automotive industry together with the supplier industry. The most popular processed material is steel. Fact is that a car wouldnÔÇÖt drive just one meter without rolling bearings made out of steel, without a combustion engine together with its valve springs and camshafts from steel, without electric drives or magnetic steel sheets.

Processing steel and fibrous composite materials with gKteso technology

Around 60 percent of a car is made out of steel, in spite of all composite constructions. Workpieces for the car body, the drive, the chassis and the steering need to be built after the cutting. Generally, this is performed by waterjet cutting or laser cutting, as these procedures ensure precise edges that are of fundamental importance for the construction of the individual components. Furthermore, due to fast processing and little cutting waste, the systems provide high efficiency and can be optimally integrated into production lines.

Waterjet cutting and laser cutting for beautiful cars

The demand for ever faster, lighter and therefore also low-consumption vehicles means that the automotive industry increasingly focuses also on fibrous composite materials. Workpieces, such as thermal and acoustic insulation in engines, armatures and panels have become indispensable in cars. The cast and glued elements have one thing in common: They need to be shaped, 3D-trimmed or cut through processes like waterjet cutting or laser cutting. gKteso technology provides, particularly for the automotive industry, efficient solutions with its systems for waterjet cutting or laser cutting in order to professionally process various materials.

Various workpieces for the automotive industry

The multi-axle systems for waterjet cutting and laser cutting for the automotive industry give shape to the multidimensional components of a car. The CNC-controlled systems perform in a precise manner and, as a result, achieve the desired quality for even demanding constructions of minimal tolerance. The variety of workpieces processed for the automotive industry by means of waterjet cutting and laser cutting ranges from shapely exterior mirrors to structural components up to crash-parts. This represents that gKteso makes a significant contribution to a safe and enjoyable driving comfort. You are producer in or for the automotive industry and have questions in regards to technology solutions by gKteso for water jet cutting or laser cutting? Then give us a call or write us.

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