Mechanical engineering
Mechanical engineering

gKteso provides key components for cutting, grinding and deburring

Technology supports mechanical engineering with line-capable systems

Mechanical engineering is characterized by construction, optimization, research and development, production and distribution of machines and their components. In addition to individual machine elements, products or complex systems up to production lines and entire factories are planned, developed and built.

Mechanical engineering requires line-capable, automated components

The components are designed by means of CAD-programs, subsequently undergo simulation and are then manufactured by a CNC machine. Today, the increasing automation implies complex measuring- and control technology in technical systems. This also applies to the systems by gKteso for cutting, grinding and deburring, featuring valuable components for production processes in mechanical engineering.

Automated cutting, grinding and deburring

The line-capable waterjet cutting systems, laser cutting systems, deburring cells and grinding machines by gKteso separate various materials and finish mechanically produced workpieces at the highest level. Waterjet cutting systems by gKteso are fitted with a variety of components: Accumulator, high pressure piping, Bosch-Rexroth control (DIN programming), Streamline SL-V 50 Classic pump by KMT, electrical engine, valve and nozzle. The engine frame made from steel carries the axles of the machine.

gKteso meets high standards in mechanical engineering

Laser cutting systems by gKteso also meet the high standards in mechanical engineering. The systems for cutting even complex components are equipped with Bosch-Rexroth controls (DIN-programming). The maximum velocity amounts up to 1m/s and the repetition accuracy is 0.05 mm at a path accuracy of 0.1 mm. They are furnished with Rofin-Lasers and already prepared for further automations.

Grinding and deburring with maximum precision

Grinding machines by gKteso represent the highest form of automation, whereby measurement controls measure the abrasion in regular intervals and consequently adjust the grinding process. The machine’s high rigidity reduces the inevitable vibrations during grinding, providing a positive effect on the machine’s preciseness and the endurance of the grinding wheel. The deburring cell offers best technology for automated grinding. Besides classical applications, this multi-axle machine is ideal for 3D-trimming and drillings. You have questions around automated technologies by gKteso for cutting, grinding and deburring in mechanical engineering? Then give us a call or write us.

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