Materials like aluminum are cut with laser or water

Waterjet cutting or laser cutting separates aluminum efficiently

Materials like aluminum suggest themselves for the construction of even complex assemblies. gKteso’s cutting technology, separating with water or laser, is the ideal choice for cutting these complex, often three-dimensional workpieces. Both processes achieve extremely precise cutting results. Depending on the task and material, either waterjet cutting systems or laser cutting systems are recommended. Aluminum can be cut on both systems.


No burrs during water jet cutting

The accuracy of fit after processing with these systems is particularly high, due to the fact that the workpiece made of aluminum won’t be distorted and burrs won’t arise during waterjet cutting. The aluminum to be processed may have a thickness of up to 25 mm also in 5-axis-cutting. Post-production is omitted, rendering this processing procedure most efficient.

Laser cutting systems by gKteso prevent unintentional puncturing

Laser cutting systems by gKteso in combination with their 5-axis processing centers provide numerous advantages in cutting aluminum. This cutting technology is applied when melting along the cutting edges is of no significance. The size of the kerf is variable during laser cutting of this material. Even areas of limited access or three-dimensional apertures may be processed by laser cutting in a precise and fast manner. The tasks are solved efficiently and powerless.

Reactions of the materials are tested first

Companies relying on the cutting technology by gKteso mostly come with fully developed products to be cut on laser cutting systems or waterjet cutting systems. Initially, the project’s feasibility, depending on several factors, is proven at gKteso. On the one hand, reactions of the materials to laser cutting are tested. In the second step, time is clearly a critical factor.

Speed is essential in cutting aluminum

As machines are mostly integrated into lines or when a mid-size series is to be processed, every second counts to achieve a good as well as economical cutting process. Therefore, time recordings document the processing procedure to provide a basis for any decisions. Due to its flexibility, laser cutting as well as waterjet cutting is economically applicable in processing aluminum, even for very small batches. You have questions around cutting materials like aluminum and the advantages of the cutting technology by gKteso? Then give us a call or write us.

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