Composite plastics
Composite plastics

Composite plastics are cut three-dimensionally

Waterjet cutting systems by gKteso give shape to composite plastics

Due tComposite plastics have become essential in the aerospace industry but also increasingly in the automotive industry, due to their enormous weight-specific stiffness and strength. The consistency of composite plastics also offers various application possibilities in mechanical engineering, such as, for example, grippers built from this innovative material. It is often separated through waterjet cutting.

Light-weight constructions through composite plastics

The key factors for the growing acceptance of composite plastics in the industry are the possibilities of easy design of construction elements that guarantee the required load capacities or velocities as well as the necessary stability ensuring the quality of the manufactured products. Compared to aluminum, the weight of composite plastics is 30 percent less.

Multi-axle water jet cutting systems by gKteso separate composite plastics precisely

Construction parts are processed by means of waterjet cutting on the multi-axle waterjet cutting systems by gKteso. On water jet cutting systems by gKteso, composite plastics may be cut with pure water or with the addition of sand. As a result, the cuts are clean and particularly suitable for waterjet cutting of functional components that are subject to highest precision. Composite plastics are separated by means of a high pressure waterjet of up to 6000 bar and outlet flow rates of up to 1000 m/s. Depending on the requirements, the systems are furnished with the adequate pumps, which again differ in their capacities.

Cold cut for composite plastics

Waterjet cutting has the advantage that no heat is generated. If an abrasive is applied, generally finest quartz sand, it is dosed by means of a CNC-control and, combined with air as the carrier element, conveyed to the cutting head. The components, often three-dimensional, require clean cuts which can be automatically achieved with the multi-axle cutting systems by gKteso, even on demanding cutting patterns. The systems can also be integrated in production lines, thus, providing support for various industries in the composite plastic- processing to deliver efficient and high-professional production results.

Many years of experience in waterjet cutting

In waterjet cutting of composite plastics, gKteso can fall back on many years of experience. gKteso supplies its automated systems for waterjet cutting as flexible stand-alone system or as a component for production lines. The waterjet cutting systems WCS base and WCS integrated by gKteso are based on a modular principle. The technology is therefore adapted only on a small scale, if necessary. You have questions around cutting composite plastics with waterjet cutting systems by gKteso? Then give us a call or write us.

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