Swivel head technology
Swivel head technology

Swivel head technology for beam and jet cutting systems – that means a modern 5-axis system

Advantages over 3-axis systems. Above all they can manufacture complex parts better

In fact, swivel head technology on a modern 5-axis system even makes it possible to produce oblique boreholes and back cuts which are impossible on conventional systems or at least require an enormous amount of work and several reclamping cycles. The processes are also simplified since several stages can be completed quickly in a single clamping cycle thanks to swivel head technology – whilst also delivering high precision and speed. This significantly reduces the throughput time for a component, and in addition delivers improved quality. Even chamfers or free-form finishes can be cut efficiently with swivel head technology.

Easy to use thanks to intelligent control systems

The complex movements are easy to implement with high-performance control systems. The workpiece and CAD data are compared with the help of a computer ensuring that the best possible movement of the swivel head is set. This results in a fast, precise movement at the end of which the system discharges a mostly finished workpiece.

Take advantage of swivel head technology for applications in your production process – both laser cutting and water jet cutting will benefit from this innovative technology. Please do not hesitate to send us details of your production project. We will be able to use our long experience with both laser systems and water jet systems to find the perfect solution for you. We will not be satisfied until our tests with your workpiece deliver the best possible result. Write to us at info@gkteso.de to find out more.

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