LCS base
LCS base

LCS base by gKteso as an entry into laser cutting

Laser cutting system cuts automatically and multi-dimensionally

LCS base, a laser cutting system by gKteso, is the ideal choice for 3D-trimming und target processing of metals or plastics. The favorable entry modelÔÇÖs innovative technology is suitable for processing numerous metals or plastics. Depending on the material and the task, various lasers are used in laser cutting. PUR-foams and carbon are separated by means of a C02-Laser, glass by a green laser, steel or aluminum by a solid state laser. LCS base achieves precise cutting results, which is of fundamental importance in serial production of car displays or in medical devices.


Laser cutting system with Bosch-Rexroth-control

LCS base is equipped with a control by Bosch-Rexroth (DIN-programming). It provides a workspace with a size of 400 mm x 400 mm x 300 mm. The maximum velocity amounts up to 1 m/s and the repetition accuracy is 0.05 mm at a path accuracy of 0.1 mm. LCS base, the basic model, is furnished with a C02-Laser by Rofin (200 W) and already prepared for further automations. The completely closed workspace meets the high safety requirements.

Laser cutting with 5 axes

The 5-axis laser cutting system LCS base by gKteso makes processing of complex and even three-dimensional outlines possible. Laser cutting permits precise and fast processing of areas of limited access or three-dimensional apertures in an efficient and powerless manner. This technology provides efficient and powerless performance of all tasks. Particularly worth mentioning are the high quality laser beam source, the laser beam guidance and the processing head as well as the cutting nozzle. The high professional focusing optics bundle the laser beam and consequently generate the required intensity for laser cutting.

Laser cutting in two steps

The cutting nozzle, disposed concentrically with the laser, provides the process gas, which protects the focusing optics from vapors as well as splashes and pushes the removed material out of the kerf. It is recommended to prove beforehand, whether the material tends to liquefy, vaporize or oxidize during the cutting process. The test result will determine the type of laser cutting.

Supplier industry benefits from LCS base

Laser cutting systems, such as LCS base by gKteso, are applied in many industries. Particularly the supplier industry, facing extremely high cost pressure, benefits from this technology. This price war is fed by increasingly tough global competition, cost pressure, growing material cost to more restrictive attitude of banks and investors. A substantial consequence is therefore compression of production processes. Lean production procedures and efficient, automated processing methods are more than ever in demand. gKteso has recognized this trend in the supplier industry early, responding with the development of LCS base and a technology for contemporary processing of modern materials. You have questions around the laser cutting system LCS base by gKteso, its technology or about laser cutting? Then give us a call or write us.

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