Grinding machines
Grinding machines

Many applications through automated grinding

Grinding machines by gKteso are versatile

Grinding machines by gKteso have become indispensable for surface finishing of numerous products in the automotive supplier industry, medical technology and other industry branches; the application of grinding machines is a familiar sight in production lines. As the sanding is carried out in an automated manner, any manual auxiliary work is reduced to a minimum, making the production processes efficient and lowering the manufacturing costs.


Perfect surfaces with grinding machines by gKteso

gKteso’s comprehensive expertise in deburring and sanding creates sanding machines which make automated processing of numerous products and workpieces possible. Ranging from A as armatures to Z as zinc die cast, a vast field of products, such as resistance welded components, cast steel components, bronze castings or aluminum die casts can be ground. Also sanding of cast parts, injection-molded parts, chassis components or car body parts pertains to the wide range of processing options of the sanding systems by gKteso.

Automated sanding of hard materials

In the final stage of metal processing, smooth surfaces count and can be obtained through automated sanding. This procedureÔÇÖs advantage: Even hard materials can be processed automatically with a high level of dimensional and shape accuracy. That alone ensures a trouble-free finishing of the workpieces. The multi-axle grinding machines by gKteso provide best performance, due to their measuring controls. During the sanding process, the abrasive body is periodically measured and adjusted.

Grinding with extensive experience

In sanding and other processing procedures, such as deburring, water jet cutting and laser cutting, gKteso can fall back upon many years of experience. The company knows: Customers from the automotive and vehicle industry as well as their suppliers, companies from the aerospace industry and a large number of other industry branches need flexibly applicable, automated grinding machines that can be integrated, combined with other processing machines, into the production line.

Automated grinding machines with high throughput

gKteso develops and produces highly automated sanding systems that carry out even fastest processing procedures in a precise manner. The wide-ranging expertise in sanding various materials has flown into the development of both 6-axis sanding systems, the GS base and the GS integrated. The automated, line-oriented sanding systems score with high throughput and precise processing of various materials. You have questions in regards to sanding with the automated grinding machines by gKteso? Then give us a call or write us.

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