Deep-drawing plastics
Deep-drawing plastics

Deep-drawing plastics are separated with waterjet cutting systems by gKteso

Deep-drawing plastics without undesired deformations

Deep-drawing plastics may be optimally separated through waterjet cutting. A fundamental advantage of waterjet cutting is the processing of deep-drawing plastics without any thermal damage. The cold cut won’t cause any burrs, either. Consequently, there isn’t any change in structure or any undesired workpiece deformation. Waterjet cutting allows even filigree contours to be cut without any thermally caused deformations.

Multidimensional cutting of deep-drawing plastics

By means of automated, multidimensional waterjet cutting, processing procedures are carried out quickly, precisely and cone-free. Whether individual pieces, prototypes or serial productions – waterjet cutting systems by gKteso cut structures made from deep-drawing plastics in an efficient and environment-friendly manner – for the automotive industry, tool and mold construction, medical technology, mechanical engineering as well as the packaging industry. The controlled multi-axial feature of the systems cut almost any complicated shape, even spatially. An abrasive-waterjet lessens structural changes even more, making this procedure ideal for waterjet cutting of deep-drawing plastics.

Workpieces made of deep-drawing plastics

Waterjet cutting also delivers best results in workpieces made of mixed materials. There are no mechanical strains, thermally caused deformations or heat affected zones in waterjet cutting, thus, making in most cases any post-processing of the edges unnecessary. This also represents economic advantages. The cut paths are generated by means of 3D file. All relevant cutting data like feed rate, pressure and sand-feed can be individually adjusted in the machine program. There are no dusts or vapors to be worried about during this cold cutting process, making this procedure exceptionally environment friendly.

Cutting with gKteso in line productions

Waterjet cutting systems by gKteso support, often even integrated in lines, numerous productions in the automotive and supplier industry as well as in the aerospace industry. The company specializes, amongst other, in the development and manufacturing of waterjet cutting systems, bringing in more than 20 years of experience.

Laser cutting for powerless processing

Laser cutting technology by gKteso is applied when complex outlines or areas of difficult access require powerless processing of deep-drawing plastics. As deformations at the cutting kerfs may occur, due to heat development during laser cutting, this procedure is useful as long as burrs or elevations won’t be an optical or constructional issue. You have questions around waterjet cutting of deep-drawing plastics and waterjet cutting systems by gKteso? Then give us a call or write us.

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