Materials like steel are processed multi-dimensionally

Waterjet cutting systems even cut complex constructions made of steel

Materials like steel is, next to aluminum, one of the most popular processed materials in machine and tool making industries, automotive industry, aerospace and construction industry. In Germany, the building industry and the automotive industry are considered as the most common application areas for steel, with 25 percent each. It has proven to be robust, flexible and versatile.


Waterjet technology for steel processing

Due to the properties, materials like steel permit various construction works that need to be shaped beforehand. CNC-machines allow even multidimensional processing of complex work pieces. Especially in steel-processing, waterjet cutting systems by gKteso suggest themselves. Furthermore, laser cutting systems, deburring cells and grinding machines perform valuable services in the processing of complex workpieces and assemblies made of steel. gKteso offers automated systems for all of the four processing types in its program.

Water and sand separate steel

In the automotive industry mainly waterjet cutting systems are applied, when exact cutting is required. The addition of an abrasive substance, for example finest quartz sand, makes easy, fast and precise cutting of stainless steel and conventional steel possible. The waterjet cutting systems by gKteso can be flexibly integrated in production lines, even when several different components made of diverse materials are produced.

Small kerf loss with water jet cutting

Since there are no heat affected zones during waterjet cutting, steel doesnÔÇÖt change in structure and very precise cuts can be achieved, benefitting a high quality construction. Rough edges or burrs are minimized, rendering post processing mostly unnecessary. Thus, the waterjet cutting systems by gKteso with their automated 5-axis-systems and their sophisticated CNC-control are optimally suitable for volume production in the automotive industry, even when other materials need to be processed.

Scoring with waterjet cutting systems in international competition

Within the international market, only production companies will have a chance to deliver high quality at a reasonable price. It will become increasingly important for enterprises to optimize all production processes, including cutting of steel or other materials.
In metalworking industries, such as car manufacturing, aerospace and mechanical engineering, partial and fully automated systems like waterjet cutting systems by gKteso are used, meeting and exceeding todayÔÇÖs high quality demands at economically reasonable costs.

Innovative processing technology for many materials

gKteso is concerned with innovative processing technologies designed for post-processing of workpieces from serial production as well as cost-effective cutting processes. Also waterjet cutting systems can be optimally integrated into new or existing production lines with machines from various suppliers. The efficient and reliable technology makes even fastest processing procedures possible. You have questions around processing materials like steel with waterjet cutting systems by gKteso?
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