3D-guided deburring: Processing complex workpieces on precise tracks

Three-dimensional post-processing of complex forming parts

In particular complex workpieces from small and medium-sized series used to take companies to their limits. The workpiece structures were too complex, while the working method of the existing systems was too rigid and elaborate. Difficult-to-access areas of the workpiece were impossible or difficult to reach. This led to unclean edges that would cause problems when installing the parts.
3D-guided deburring via multi-dimensionally working deburring cells remedies this, enabling companies to integrate this procedure into their production lanes. The deburring cells of gKteso GmbH, a company from Bobingen, permit what seemed impossible before: Independent post-processing of complex workpieces in the own company ÔÇô without any great effort or high cost factor.

Multi-dimensional flexible arms for 3D-guided deburring

The systems from gKteso work according to a robotic principle without being robot systems. Multi-dimensional flexible arms enable the deburring cells to re-process even complex workpieces with precise tracks. Four procedures in a deburring cell are possible for this: Deburring, brushing, drilling and milling with an accuracy of up to 0.1 mm.
Equipped with CNC controls, the workpiece (workpiece-guided rework) is guided to the respective work steps, such as deburring or milling or the corresponding tools (tool-guided post-processing). The clean guidance of the workpiece or the tools permits 3D-guided deburring, milling, drilling or brushing of complex workpieces up to 400 mm. A change or rotary table even permits main-time-parallel infeed, and therefore streamlined production. Long time spans, expensive transports to external service providers and high time expenditures for small and medium-sized series are no longer necessary.

Dedicated 3D-processing in the own company

Designed as stand-alone systems, the deburring cells “WCS base” and “WCS integrated” can integrate a total of four work steps into an existing production lane. Stand-alone placement is possible in the systems of gKteso GmbH as well. No external service providers are needed to post-process workpieces anymore.
This has a positive effect on time and cost factors. Workpieces with short deadlines can be processed even faster and more cost-efficiently in the company’s own production halls already and provided for delivery. Transport costs can be saved and the environment is protected as an additional positive effect.

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