Deburring technology

Benefit from Modern Deburring Technology Now!

The specialists from gKteso GmbH have been at home in the ultra-modern deburring technology for many years. Our products and the wide range of services will help you to optimize your processes. Since burrs, i.e. splinters, sharp edges or fraying, occur during the mechanical processing of metal parts, measures are required to remove them completely. We provide you with high-quality machines for precise deburring, which ensure a greater process reliability. Find out more about the first-class deburring machines on our website and see which models are ideal for your applications.

Customized Deburring Machines

Whether in mechanical engineering, in the hydraulic and automotive industry or in another industrial sector – if an excellent deburring machine is required for production or for finishing your workpieces, then you are definitely in the right place with gKteso. Within deburring technology, modern machines increase the quality of the workpiece and after

  •  punching,
  •  casting
  •  or machining,

they ensure smooth edges. Deburring occurs here automatically in the form of brushing and/or grinding – even for medium and large quantities. Lengthy retooling processes are eliminated thanks to the flexibility of our deburring systems. While primarily defined edges could be automatically deburred before, the development of deburring machines has now advanced so much that there are also efficient solutions for undefined edges. In this way there is no more elaborate deburring by hand! And that streamlines production: On the one hand, the automated processes occur faster and more transparently than deburring by hand. On the other hand, many companies have their parts for deburring driven through Europe by truck for cost reasons, always in search of low cost providers for manual finishing.

Deburring Technology in Your Own Company Saves Costs

Significant travel times and transport costs are eliminated if this work step can take place directly in your own production halls thanks to the automated deburring technology. In addition, the administrative effort for the material flow is reduced – closed highways, traffic jams at the borders or cumbersome customs clearances no longer play a role. A machine developed by gKteso for industrial finishing is able to carry out the deburring of boreholes, threads, gears and other tasks and even perform smaller checks. Even complex parts can be safely deburred on different workpieces with the deburring system. A residue-free deburring is crucial for products for the automotive industry in particular. No chips or particles from the previous work steps may remain in cylinder heads or valve manifolds. Even removing internal or enclosed burrs is no problem with a high-quality deburring machine from our production. A machine with five degrees of freedom is used here, which effectively and reliably deburrs, brushes or grinds even -to-reach places. You can always rely on the deburring like a robot from our production!

If you like us to tell you more about our deburring technology, please get in touch with us and take advantage of our excellent consultation service in addition to the high-performance machines.

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