Automation and deburring – efficiency by deburring machines

More workpiece efficiency in small and medium series

Automation and deburring are keywords for companies that want to work efficiently today. Quality, quantity and costs should remain balanced. We need high quality, high quantity, but low costs – if possible without additional costs by maintenance or special staff.

The ratio is not in balance in particular in small and medium-sized series. A lot of labor is needed, but both quality and quantity remain low. If a worker is missing due to illness or holidays, both quality and quantity drop, while the costs remain the same. For this reason, more and more companies are integrating deburring machines into their production lanes to increase their efficiency.

Efficient deburring by deburring machines

In particular in smaller and medium-sized series, post-processing of workpieces can be very expensive and inefficient. It depends on human labor and its precision, while causing high costs and offering lower quality at lower quantity.

Modern deburring machines are an economically efficient solution at high accuracy. Thanks to multi-dimensionally working arms, they process simple, as well as complex, workpieces with precise lanes. These machines deburr the workpieces very quickly with an accuracy of up to 0.1 mm. Up to one million workpieces per year can be processed with modern deburring machines. This is decisive in particular in post-processing of workpieces with tight schedules.

The modern deburring machines are available as stand-alone systems and can be integrated well into existing production lanes because of this. The deburring cells are a good alternative to robot systems and manual work places.

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