CNC-processing for perfect workpieces

Deburring parts up to 400 mm – mature technologies at gKteso

CNC-processing for perfect workpieces requires modern systems in the high-technology area. With the help of these deburring systems, precisely fitting workpieces can be produced very quickly – and at high accuracy.
The precise CNC-processing of workpieces requires two things: a skilled user with expert knowledge and an eye for detail, and modern machines that are ready to face the requirements in CNC-processing of workpieces. There has been great progress in particular in the area of the CNC-systems. Many systems cover multiple processing procedures by now and process workpieces much faster than people could.

Deburring, drilling, brushing or milling – different procedures of CNC-processing in a single system

Some deburring systems that are able to cover four CNC post-processing methods are already waiting in Swabian Bobingen. These are deburring systems that permit workpiece-guided or tool-guided processing of workpieces. A single deburring system covers four CNC processing methods with its sophisticated technology: Deburring, drilling, brushing and milling.
These deburring cells are equipped with CNC controls that take the workpiece via the workpiece-guided system and guide it to the respective work steps, such as drilling, milling, etc. Clean control of the workpiece permits precise CNC processing even of demanding workpieces. Thus, parts of up to 400 mm can be multi-dimensionally processed easily by CNC.
Even newer deburring cells permit main-time-parallel infeed with a change or rotary table, streamlining the processes even more. Time loss or long delays are no longer a thing with the automated process in deburring cells.

More flexibility by deburring cells

The deburring cells from Bobingen not only manage precise processing of workpieces. They also give entrepreneurs flexibility in work processes that frees them from their previous dependency on external third-party providers for post-processing of workpieces. The automated stand-alone deburring cells make integration into an existing work flow easy. The CNC post-processing work step can now be completed in the company’s own production halls. Long transports to external service providers are a thing of the past. The costs for management and transport as well as the high time expenditure can be saved.

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