Deburring – an important process in further processing

Deburring – an important process in further processing

Further processing and post-processing of workpieces with deburring machines

Deburring is an important process in further processing for a precise fit of workpieces. While the performing of machining processes has been continually increased in the last years, the methods for deburring the workpieces have not changed, even though further processing and post-processing of workpieces require high quality and process safety in order to work efficiently and at high quality. The deburring machines by gKteso offer an innovative solution to deburring of workpieces at high quality and efficiency.

The principle of the gKteso deburring machines for deburring of workpieces

gKteso develops systems for automated post-processing of workpieces. In the last few years, the company designed deburring cells with multi-dimensional movable arms, thus essentially advancing the production and precision in post-processing of workpieces.
The deburring machines, which are available as stand-alone units or for integration, are equipped with multi-dimensionally working arms and thus permit precise post-processing or further processing of workpieces.
Two work processes offer flexible processes in deburring of workpieces. In the workpiece-guided process, the multi-dimensional arms grip the workpiece and guide it to the respective spindles for processing, e.g. by deburring. This method leads to much shorter cycle times than tool-guided deburring. In this process, the firmly clamped workpiece is processed by the flexible arms of a rotary or change table.
The flexibility of deburring has a positive effect on the efficiency in post-processing of workpieces. Several processing steps, such as drilling, milling or grinding, can be performed via the deburring machines by gKteso.

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