Deburring machines – cost-efficient and precise deburring of workpieces

Deburring machines – cost-efficient and precise deburring of workpieces

Deburring of workpieces with a good concept

Deburring of workpieces is made more efficient and more precise by modern deburring machines with multi-dimensional arms. Post- and further processing of precisely fitting workpieces relies on this. Only the right system or the right deburring machines permit precise and cost-efficient deburring.
Deburring machines are always used when processing or production causes sharp edges on metals. These burrs may injure people. Post-processing removes these burrs and minimizes the danger of injury.
Modern deburring machines can deburr with high efficiency and precision with workpiece- or tool-guided systems. gKteso combines efficiency, quantity and quality in its multi-dimensional deburring machines.

Deburring machines for post- and further processing of workpieces

Deburring machines by gKteso are the ideal solution for small and medium-sized series. The multi-dimensionally movable arms permit precisely tracked deburring of complex workpieces with two systems.
In workpiece-guided deburring, the workpiece is guided past various spindles for setting, brushing, deburring and drilling. This method guarantees much shorter cycle times than tool-guided deburring.
The tool-guided system has the workpiece attached on the worktop or the system and processed by the flexible arms. In both systems, deburring takes place in a single deburring cell.
When post-processing runs on a rotary or change table, even supply of the deburring machines in parallel with the main time is possible. Deburring thus runs much faster and more precisely than manual deburring would.
The deburring machines can be integrated into existing production lanes or used as stand-alone systems. This way, post-processing of the workpieces is possible in the customer’s own company. This has a positive effect on costs and efficiency alike.

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