Deburring Machine
Deburring Machine

Deburring Machine from gKteso Allows for Industrial Finishing with a System

Anyone in the machine building industry, in the automotive industry or in another industrial sector who does not want to spend a long time with the finishing of workpieces will find the right deburring machine in our portfolio. At gKteso, it is no longer hard to find automated deburring machines that are precisely tailored to your individual requirements. We provide you with machines with a high level of efficiency for custom deburring so that it is no longer necessary to outsource the finishing of your workpieces to external service providers. Thanks to our tried-and-tested deburring products, you save time, money and greatly minimize the amount of work required for such activities. With gKteso, you have found the ideal partner for professional deburring who provides you with high-performance machines at amazingly favorable conditions.

The Optimal Deburring Machine for Your Applications

As a qualified manufacturer, we have made it our task to present you with a deburring machine that works with a high level of precision when finishing steel, plastic, aluminum or brass. Our models “DS base” and “DS integrated” (DS stands for ‘deburring system’) meet the basic requirements for the efficient finishing of workpieces.
The basic requirements of our deburring technology at a glance:

  • Quick deburring machines for higher capacity
  • Multi-axis processing of complex workpieces
  • Simple operation of the deburring systems.

The difference between our deburring machines primarily lies in the fact that the “DS integrated” version offers a shuttle table for grinding, brushing, rounding and breaking edges. In this way, complex components from various industries can be quickly processed with a high throughput. If a basic machine is entirely sufficient to meet your requirements, which also achieves first-class results during automatic deburring, then you are well-advised to use the “DS base” model from our production.

Finishing Workpieces with Modern Deburring Machines

The fact that automatic deburring of workpieces has become extremely important can be recognized by the fact that not that much work can be done by hand and it also cannot be done as accurately. Equipped with several axes, a modern deburring machine allows for path-accurate CNC-finishing of simple and complex workpieces. With a path accuracy of up to 0.1 millimeters (mm), the machines deburr much more accurately than a human can. Such a machine is available both as a stand-alone system, but can also be integrated into existing production lines. Manual deburring work is therefore no longer necessary.

An automatic deburring cell processes up to one million workpieces per year, which is an amount that can only be processed by hand with great difficulty and at great labor costs. The factors of

  • Increased quality
  • cost reduction
  • and resource optimization

are focused on when producing our deburring systems. If you would like to take advantage of our high-quality machines, which you can use to efficiently finishing pipes and many other products among other items, now you can!

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