Cutting food with a water jet cleanly and hygienically

Food can be cut without contact using pure water – eliminating the risk of cross-contamination through blades

The safety of food is a top priority during processing – harming consumers or causing a scandal is the stuff of nightmares for any manufacturer. Food can be cut using pure water hygienically and without the use of blades. One benefit of this is that cutting without contact cannot cause any contamination of the food from blades. Another is that the cutting quality of the water jet remains uniformly high – worn blades or idle times when replacing the knives simply do not occur.

A clean cut – and clean food

Food cut with pure water has very clean cut edges. Because the cut is made without applying pressure to the product, no breakages or crumbs can occur to adversely affect the look of the food. Its shelf life is also improved if the product is cut without pressure. Furthermore, the water is sterilised by the high pressure and does not transfer any germs to the food. Moreover, the possibility of thermal stresses on the food, and the problems they may cause, is simply impossible. Since wasting food is becoming a more and more important issue, water jet cutting is also a solution for the future. The safety and accuracy of the process reduces the amount of food which is rendered in edible during the production process. The minimum tolerance of the water jet creates very precise portion sizes and therefore ensures that a hygienically perfect, standardised product can be made. The possible applications for cutting food with a water jet include pizzas, cakes, salads, French fries and meat. But sandwiches, chocolate bars and muesli bars can also be shaped easily using this method.

Water jet cutting delivers a whole host of benefits in the food industry, including better safety for consumers. Why not take advantage of the benefits of a modern water jet system for your production? Write to us at – we will be delighted to advise you.

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