Cost benefits

Cost benefits of water jet cutting through quality and speed

Maximum throughput with uniformly high quality
– the main benefits of water jet cutting

The cost benefits of water jet cutting are mainly due to the fact that it makes it possible to create a precise, reproducible and easily automated process. Tool wear and the retooling times this incurs a significantly reduced compared to conventional cutting processes. This means no loss of quality caused by tool wear. Workpieces cut with a water jet have a precise finish and can be used without any further work – yet another point of cost benefits of water jet cutting.

Complex parts, in particular, are more cost-effective

The cost benefits of water jet cutting are primarily achieved if the workpiece is made of a material which is difficult to cut using conventional methods. Or if the shape of the workpiece is complicated. In addition, the costs of media for water jet cutting are low. If, for example, foam is cut with pure water, in other words no abrasives are added, the cost per metre of cutting is around 2 cents. For construction steel which is cut using abrasives, the cost per metre is around 4 euros. The operation of the systems can also be enhanced from a cost point of view. For example, a long, complete cutting jet means cost benefits of water jet cutting because if the jet is started and stopped frequently, this places great stress on the nozzles and seals. Cost benefits of water jet cutting can also be achieved in the planning process since the lower the quality of the cut needs to be, the cheaper the system becomes. In other words, is a simple cut required or does it need to be a quality cut? There are various stages between these two extremes which, in addition to quality, affect the price and feed speed.

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