WCS integrated
WCS integrated

WCS integrated – waterjet cutting system with dual shuttle table

Waterjet cutting of mixed plastics, composite materials and carbon

WCS integrated, a waterjet cutting system by gKteso, suggests itself when fast cycle times and a high throughput are to be achieved in waterjet cutting. The technology of WCS integrated provides, just like the base model, 3D-trimming and efficiently processes materials that cannot be processed with conventional techniques such as laser cutting or machining. This applies in particular to mixed plastics, composite materials and carbon (CFRP). The 5-axis waterjet cutting system WCS integrated by gKteso provides great efficiency during waterjet cutting, due to its dual shuttle table. It allows parallel filling of the system, reducing cycle times and increasing flow rates.


Waterjet cutting with highest work safety

The work space of WCS integrated by gKteso measures 500 mm x 500 mm x 200 mm and is completely closed, thus, increasing work safety. The maximum velocity is 1 m/s. If quartz sand has been applied it can be separated and collected in a sludge removal unit. The high pressure pump Streamline ensures a pulsation-free high pressure waterjet in the waterjet cutting system WCS integrated. By means of this pump, a feed flow of up to 15.2 liters per minute, at a pressure of 3800 bar, is guaranteed.

WCS integrated with CNC-control by Bosch

WCS integrated, like all waterjet cutting systems by gKteso, backs on a CNC-control by Bosch-Rexroth. It interpolates all axes as well as enables an adaptive feed rate reduction, depending on the cutting process. WCS integrated separates numerous materials: From metals to ceramics up to composite plastics or carbon. The material’s properties determine, whether the waterjet cutting system will cut with pure water or an additional abrasive, mostly finest quartz sand. Metals such as titan, brass, steel or aluminum are processed with abrasives in waterjet cutting. Aluminum and steel are the most frequent cut materials in waterjet cutting. In spite of a thickness of several centimeters, only minimal tolerances are measured, ranging in sizes of less than 0.1 mm. You have questions regarding the waterjet cutting system WCS integrated by gKteso and waterjet cutting? Then give us a call or write us.

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