Deburring with systems by gKteso

Multi-axle deburring of even complex workpieces

In deburring, metals or plastics that have been mechanically processed through milling-, punching- or turning works are accompanied by burrs, due to material displacement, requiring processing with deburring-cells by gKteso. As today’s production structures and ever more complex workpieces make increasingly high quality indispensable, deburring will gain in importance. gKteso has recognized this trend meeting this quality demand with its versatile deburring-cells.

Deburring increases quality

Any burrs on edges are cleanly and efficiently removed in deburring-cells by gKteso through grinding, brushing and/or milling. Also simple milling- and drilling works on aluminum die cast parts are possible in systems by gKteso. Here, the workpieces are processed with brushes, milling machines or grinding tools. During deburring, either the workpiece or the tool can be moved. The according clamping fixtures are located either on the worktop or at the motor system.

Deburring-cell by gKteso processes cylinder heads

Even complex components such as hydraulic blocks, cylinder heads or pump housings can be optimally processed, due to the multi-axle features of deburring-cells by gKteso. Deburring is not only possible on workpieces made from steel, grey cast iron, aluminum, brass or bronze. In the international market, only production companies delivering high quality at a reasonable price, will have a chance. It will become ever more important for companies to optimize all production processes. In this context, the automation issue will essentially gain in importance.

Partly and fully automated deburring-cells

Formerly, in metal and plastics processing industries such as car manufacturing, aerospace, mechanical engineering, foundries und two-wheel industry, burrs on workpieces were often removed manually. Deburring-cells by gKteso represent partly and fully automated systems on the market, meeting and exceeding today’s high quality demands at economically reasonable cost. The company focuses on innovative processing technologies enabling post-processing of workpieces from serial production as well as cost-efficient cutting processes and deburring.

Proven modular system by gKteso

Deburring-cells perfectly fit in the proven modular system by gKteso, together with its waterjet and laser cutting systems as well as grinding systems. They allow optimal integration into new and existing production lines with machines from various manufacturers. The efficient and reliable technology realizes even fastest processing procedures. You have questions about deburring and the deburring-cells by gKteso? Then give us a call or write us.

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