Grinding machines for process-reliable machining of metals

Grinding with systems by gKteso at the highest level

Grinding with automated technology has long been a feature in numerous industries. Grinding machines by gKteso are scoring high points as the machining processes and techniques of these innovative systems are optimally adapted to many machining processes. Especially the supplier industry benefits from these systems, enabling fast and process-reliable machining of components made from steel, stainless steel or aluminum.

Grinding machines can be integrated

The grinding process is continuously adjusted by means of controls which measure in regular intervals. A particular feature of grinding machines by gKteso is their integration capability into production lines. The cost saving in automated grinding, when compared to manual machining processes, is particularly significant in large quantities. The high grade of automation in grinding machines by gKteso reduces manual auxiliary work to a minimum. Production costs are decreased while production processes become more efficient.

Grinding parts with top technology by gKteso

Grinding systems by gKteso are used after resistance welding but also for surface treatment in steel construction. Foundries benefit from the automated technology, as it makes the separation of parts or the removal of gates possible. Post-processing of metals with this system becomes an easy task since it is ideally suitable for automated machining of components. This technology is also beneficial to the fa├žade engineering, as welding seams of steel constructions can be efficiently ground with the result of a flawless appearance. Large quantities make this process especially profitable.

Grinding machines with high rigidity

The machineÔÇÖs high rigidity dampens unavoidable vibrations during grinding, having a positive effect on the precision of the machine and the endurance of the grinding wheel. High endurance means less production interruptions caused by grinding wheel changes. The productivity of the production line increases. With both 6-axis grinding machines, GS base and GS integrated, gKteso will meet the desire of industry customers for versatile and cost-effective grinding machines.

Measuring probes for perfect grinding

Both CNC-grinding systems are equipped with Bosch-Rexroth controls. Measuring probes record the wear of the grinding wheels in intervals and adapt it to the machining processes accordingly. Buyers of our grinding machines benefit from precisely ground workpieces. In serial production, high reproducibility may be achieved, even at short cycle times. Due to contemporary DIN-programming, the CNC- specialists of our customers can determine the processing procedure down to the smallest detail. You have questions about grinding and the possibilities with grinding systems by gKteso? Then give us a call or write us.

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