Water jet cutting
Water jet cutting

Water jet cutting technology for precise edges

Separating carbon and mixed plastics through water jet cutting

Water jet cutting systems by gKteso GmbH are employed in numerous production sites in the automotive and supplier industry as well as in the aerospace industry. The systems can be optimally integrated in production lines and permit even fastest operating processes by means of efficient and reliable technology. Functional components of carbon or mixed plastics are processed in a precise, multi-axial manner – either with pure water or the addition of finest sand. The kinetic energy of the highly pressurized water jet separates a whole range of materials.

Water jet cutting technology is a cold cutting process

The cutting paths are generated by 3D file. All relevant cutting data, such as feed rate, pressure and sand feed can be taken into consideration within the machine program. The advantage of water jet cutting technology compared to other cutting methods is, besides precision, the absence of deformation and frictional heat. Since there is no structural change caused, this procedure is considered as a cold cutting process. It is material-saving and at the same time definitively environment-friendly, due to the absence of dust or vapors. Beneficial as well is the fact, that many, completely different materials can be cut, such as steel, aluminum, precious metals, glass, composites and mixed plastics.

Water jet cutting technology suggests itself for many materials

Water jet cutting with pure water is particularly employed in the processing of leather, soft plastics, textiles, felt, sealing compounds, mineral- or glass-wool, foams, cork and rubber. Harder materials require the addition of finest quartz sand as abrasive substance. Natural stone, steel, aluminum, carbon, carbon fiber materials, numerous types of glass, non-ferrous metals, hard plastics and composites, ceramics and cast metal are precisely separated by use of this mixture. Thus, the water jet cutting technology’s areas of application are enormous. You have questions around water jet cutting technology, water jet cutting and the processing of carbon or mixed plastics? Just give us a call or write us.

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