Grinding with precision and reproducibility

Numerous industries rely on grinding-systems by gKteso

Automated grinding has become indispensable in numerous industries. Grinding machines by gKteso meet the current demands of companies for precision and reproducibility. The cost saving compared to manual processing methods is another significant factor to opt for automated grinding. gKteso has a manifold know-how in machining various materials. The machining processes and techniques are optimally adapted to the treatment processes. The grinding-system by gKteso scores with its regular measuring of the abrasive body and the subsequent correction.

Efficient grinding by automated processing

Ever growing cost pressure, high quality demands and increasing product complexity are forcing production companies under high pressure. Machine tool manufacturers respond with ever more complex systems that perform partly or fully automated, perfectly capable for integration into production lines. What has long been standard practice for milling, turning and cutting machines as well as processing centers now applies to grinding systems.

Top-quality surface finish by grinding

Grinding technology has actually been questioned, for some time, due to the high precision of processing centers performing drilling, milling and turning operations on workpieces in one setting. Production practice however shows: High-quality surface finish can hardly be realized without this kind of machining. Simple parts like door handles as well as more complex ones such as chassis components and engine blocks are only a few examples of the variety of products which cannot do without post-processing by grinding.

Grinding-system with automation

Grinding-systems can be integrated in entire production lines with the corresponding automation. CNC-controlled grinding technology as well as tool changing systems complement gKteso’s portfolio associated with grinding. Particularly in the supplier industry, this system, fitted with grinding wheels and frames, makes fast and reliable post-processing of components made from steel, stainless steel or aluminum possible.

Grinding after resistance welding

Grinding-systems by gKteso are used after resistance welding, for surface treatment in steel construction or in foundries: There, for example, grinding machines by gKteso separate parts or remove gates. Post-processing of metals becomes an easy task with this system, as it is ideally suitable for automated grinding of components.

Grinding-systems by gKteso for a perfect appearance

Facade engineering benefits from this technology as well, since welding seams of steel constructions may be ground problem-free and efficiently, gaining a perfect appearance. Large quantities make this procedure particularly profitable. You have questions around grinding and the options with grinding-systems by gKteso? Then give us a call or write us.

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