Cost benefits

The reduced costs of laser cutting are a real boon in many industries

Would you like to know whether laser cutting would pay for your specific application?

The cost benefits of laser cutting depend on a range of factors. In addition to quantity and required cutting quality, there is also whether the workpiece has to be machined after cutting and the material from which the machined part is made.

Laser cutting instead of sawing: working with wood

Lasers can cut materials more easily, better and faster than conventional methods. But for workpieces made of wood, in particular, lots of companies ask whether there are any cost benefits to using a laser and what effects the laser has on the material. The latest studies into would show that the costs per cut metre using a laser are slightly higher than if a conventional sewer to be used. On the other hand, the laser suffers zero wear. Another very important point is the cost benefits for laser-cutting wood. The problem in the past has been that the longer the tool was used the worse the cut quality became. That is simply not the case for laser cutting – every cut has the same quality. And the costs fall correspondingly due to the uniform efficiency of the laser which makes frequent tool changes or additional quality controls superfluous. The bottom line is that the cost benefits for laser cutting wood are always particularly high if the companies use the technology to the full and deliver improved product quality. Laser cutting also allows contour cuts to be made. Both conventional cuts and boreholes can be produced in very clean quality using a single machine and new design ideas, such as the artificial ageing of the wood, a possible low cost using targeted laser machining.

Use the cost benefits of laser cutting: cut tubes with laser

Machines and plant, sports equipment and cars – metal tubes are required for lots of purposes and therefore have to be cut frequently. But does laser cutting deliver cost benefits here too? A laser can both cut square, rectangular and round pipes and also make recess cuts and shaped cuts in them. The great cost benefits of laser cutting are essentially that no tools have to be made or fitted for the various cuts. The clean cut also reduces the cost of refinishing. The process also makes high precision connecting cuts on tubes possible. Laser cutting is worthwhile particularly if you wish to cut medium quantities at high speed. Furthermore, laser cutting is always a good choice if the workpiece has to undergo further work.

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