Laser engraving

Laser engraving is suitable for applying texts and decorations

Small machine-readable labelling and filigree patterns can be engraved quickly

Laser engraving should not be confused with laser printing. For printing the laser beam only controls the distribution of the pigments. Laser engraving, on the other hand, makes a distinction between two mechanisms depending on the power of the laser beam. The material is evaporated by the laser beam in low intensity laser engraving. The engraving is only very superficial. A more powerful laser beam results in the evaporation-induced displacement of molten material. This engraving can be deeper than is possible with pure evaporation. The benefit of laser engraving is that it is waterproof and wipe-proof and therefore very durable. Laser engraving can be automated and therefore completed very efficiently. Even individual parts can be numbered quickly and at low cost. Markings such as a QR code or quality seal can be applied easily and in such a way as to prevent counterfeits. And engraving is possible on a very wide range of materials – from tablets and paper, cardboard, wood, leather or metal to composites. Laser engraving by the targeted erosion of individual layers is also possible – for example after the erosion of one layer a different colour becomes visible to make the engraving legible.

Annealing marking uses the oxidation processes of metals

Metallic surfaces develop colour changes due to oxidation processes above all when they are heated – on steel this effect is known as blowing and causes discolouration on the chromed manifolds of motorcycles, for example. This heat effect can also be achieved using a laser. To do so, the metal must be heated by the laser above its melting point. To start the oxidation process, the laser must be connected to a glowing gas which contains oxygen.

Laser engraving can be used for a wide range of applications – why not use it in your company? Would you like to know whether laser engraving would pay dividends in your production? Write to us at

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