Laser punching

Laser punching or processes also known as lasercut enhance high quality papetery

Complicated patterns, ornamental cover sheets with cut-out motives or curved edges can be produced with laser punching.

The applications are wide-ranging:

– Menus
– Wine lists
– Table decorations

– Publicity brochures
– Business cards
– Letterheads
– Envelopes

Packaging industry
– Labels
– Product tags
– Outer packaging

– Invitation cards
– Wedding cards
– Table cards
– Gift tags
– Photograph frames
– Craft materials
– Calendars
– Gift packaging

Since laser punching does not cut the paper at the required points but burns it away, smouldering marks may be produced on certain materials. These marks are not necessarily a defect and instead can be used as a special, individual feature and integrated in the design. This may produce attractive effects for a menu for a barbecue restaurant or a clever invitation to the outdoor season of a barbecue dealer. If such marks are not required, for example for laser punching a wedding invitation or praline packaging, the punching process can also be completed very cleanly without any residues.

Pop-up cards or books with laser punching

There is currently a boom in intricate designs for cards or books (so-called pop-ups) on which a punched motif assumes three-dimensional features. In the past, manufacturing these paper products involved high costs and was therefore not really feasible. Laser punching now makes the production much more cost-effective. This is due in part to the short production time and also to the fact that a punching die is not required for laser punching. Paper engraving is also possible using a laser – previously an almost impossible task for paper finishing. Depending on the thickness of material, it is also possible to use a laser to erode very fine layers of the paper so as to make reliefs and textures palpable and visible in the paper.

Laser punching is one of the major current trends in paper finishing. Contact us if you would like to know more.

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