Laser perforation

Laser perforation of paper and foils – even very fine holes can be inserted with absolute precision

Laser perforation has proved ideal for packaging in the food industry or counterfeit-proof paper documents

More than 400,000 holes per second for foil packaging, a perforation line for easy opening or a precise contour fold – laser perforation is taking the packaging market by storm. Even integral steam valves for heating food in the sales packaging using a microwave can be produced easily and cost effectively by laser perforation.

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) – innovative packaging solutions for fresh food

The shelf life of fresh food is always a central point of modern packaging systems. Sealed bags for fruit and salad in which condensation forms often cause the food to perish more quickly. On the other side, fruit, vegetable and salad must not be stored without moisture to prevent the items drying out and forming brown patches. In the past this has been an almost insoluble problem. But now thanks to laser perforation even of thin packaging foils, micro-fine holes can now be produced for MAP. These holes adjust the moisture inside the packaging to the needs of the product, ensuring that salad and vegetables remain fresh and appetising for longer.

Improving counterfeit security by perforating documents and IDs

ID cards and entry tickets – laser perforation can make paper documents counterfeit- proof. Using a very fine laser beam, tiny holes are cut into the paper with a specific pattern without burning paper at all. To increase the security of documents even further, in addition to laser perforation, so-called multiple laser images (MLI) can be applied to an ID card using a laser. This means that dates of birth or photographs can be lasered so that only one piece of information is visible depending on the angle at which it is viewed.

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