Laser welding

Laser welding delivers a wide range of benefits in a modern production process

Precision, fast welding of fine seams or spots

Laser welding always delivers benefits over conventional welding where components have to be welded at high speed, with a narrow weld form and low thermal stress. Laser welding is also ideal for automation. Laser welding is suitable for a wide range of applications, including pore-free welds for medical engineering. Precision spot welding with a laser is ideal for the clock making and jewellery industry and electrical engineering. But even in the automotive industry, bodywork parts can be joined efficiently by laser welding.

Tailored blank – laser welding allows new material combinations

The term tailored blank means a sheet metal plate composed of various materials and sheet thicknesses. Tailored blanks are primarily used in the automotive industry for the production of bodywork parts. The sheet metal plates are made by laser welding different materials together. The main advantage is that various positions of the later component can be adjusted in semi-finished state to the different stresses so that no additional reinforcements must be installed. Laser welding the sheets therefore saves another process and material costs. Furthermore, it makes lightweight components easier to manufacture this. For a so-called “patchwork”, small sheets are laser-welded to a larger sheet in a similar way to patching in needlework, hence the name. But tailored tubes, in other words tube-shaped components for bodywork can also be welded with a laser. These tubes can then be filled with liquids and adjusted using internal pressure to an external die, so-called hydro forming. Laser welding is used to produce endless tubes using tailored orbitals. Their wall thickness and structure can also be tailored to withstand the stresses in the later component – once again a significant reduction in materials and wait.

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