Textiles can be cut with a laser with almost zero dust and without frayed edges

Fabrics are used in many different industries including the clothing industry, furniture industry and in the automotive sector

Regardless of their sector, all textile processes benefit from the opportunities provided by laser cutting which delivers precise, filigree cuts. No fabric warping takes place because the materials can be transported without any stress. The non-contact cut also has no effect on the tension of the fabric. The cut edges are melted by the energy of the laser beam and are therefore automatically protected against fraying and disintegration which often means that additional finishing processes are not necessary. If the laser cutting system is connected to an optical detection system, it is also possible to cut printed fabrics precisely.

Laser cutting of textiles for the automotive industry

The interiors of cars are lined with a whole host of textiles. Around 30 kilograms of textiles are used in one car – a number which will continue to rise thanks to the development of high performance, smart fibres. Textiles are relatively lightweight and thus combine additional comfort, safety and sound insulation with lower fuel consumption. In addition to seat covers, textiles are also used to line the footwell, the rooflining or for creating highlights in the door casing or dashboard. But steering wheels, switches and other controls are also often covered with technical textiles. Cutting these textiles with a laser ensures that they can be cut in uniform high quality and at low cost using automatic equipment.

The fashion industry uses laser cutting

Laser cutting has not just become established in the clothing industry as a result of it being able to cut fabrics quickly and cleanly – new fashions are also being developed on the basis of this method. These include patterns and decorations which look like lace and the used-look for denim which can also be achieved using a laser. Furthermore a very thin special foil can be applied to fabrics using a laser in filigree patterns or logos – and this is also an ideal, cost-effective process for publicity textiles.

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