laser cutting

Laser-cutting allows processing of even complex outlines

Laser cutting systems by gKteso ensure required intensity

Laser-cutting with laser cutting systems by gKteso allow processing of complex outlines. This technology achieves precise and fast processing of even three-dimensional apertures or areas of difficult access in an efficient and powerless manner. Generally, high performance lasers or high focusable fiber lasers are applied. Different lasers are used: CO2 laser for carbon (CFRP) and PUR-foams, green laser for cutting glass, solid state laser for steel or aluminum, only to mention a few examples out of the wide range of applications. The precise cutting results are particularly convincing in the serial production of car displays or medical devices.

Laser cutting system with high performance laser

In designing laser cutting systems, the development team primarily focuses on the laser beam source, the laser beam guidance, the processing head and the cutting nozzle. By means of high professional focusing optics, the laser cutting system bundles the laser beam, consequently generating the required intensity for cutting. Laser cutting includes two work steps. Firstly, the laser beam is absorbed at the cutting front, bringing in the required energy for cutting. Subsequently, the cutting nozzle, concentrically arranged to the laser, provides the processing gas protecting the focusing optics from vapors and splashes, pushing the removed material out of the kerf.

Laser-cutting generates heat

The heat generated in this process may affect the material at the cut kerfs. That is why it is necessary to test beforehand, whether the material tends to liquefy, vaporize or oxidize during cutting. Depending on that, the type of laser-cutting may be chosen. The thickness of the material to be cut depends on the material properties. Steel may have a thickness of up to 40 mm, stainless steel up to 50 mm and aluminum up to 25 mm. Heat conducting materials such as copper are not suitable for laser cutting technology.

Factor time in laser-cutting

Customers of gKteso most of the time arrive with fully developed products to be cut on a laser cutting system. First of all, there is a feasibility check, depending on several factors. On the one hand it is necessary to test reactions of the material to laser-cutting. On the second, factor “time” plays a significant role. As the machines are mostly integrated in lines or medium-size series need to be processed, every second counts in order to achieve not only a good but also economic processing process. Time recordings therefore document the processing process to obtain a basis for any decisions. Due to its flexibility, laser-cutting is economic already in very small batch sizes. You have questions regarding laser-cutting and laser cutting systems by gKteso? Then give us a call or write us.

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