LCS integrated
LCS integrated

Laser Cutting System LCS integrated by gKteso

Multidimensional laser-cutting with high throughput

LCS integrated, a laser cutting system by gKteso, is perfectly suitable for 3D-trimming and targeted processing of metals or plastics. With its 5-axis laser cutting system, gKteso has developed a new dimension of laser-cutting. A dual shuttle table or electively a rotary table permits cycle time-concurrent loading, resulting in lower cycle times and a high throughput. Compared to LCS base, the extended laser cutting system LCS integrated is equipped with an additional safety light array, allowing the system to operate even at highest safety requirements. Two noise protection hoods increase the working comfort additionally.


LCS integrated with Bosch-Rexroth control

LCS integrated, like the standard model LCS base, is equipped with a control by Bosch-Rexroth (DIN-programming). The workspace measures 400 mm x 400 mm x 300 mm. The maximum velocity amounts up to 1 m/s and the repetition accuracy is 0.05 mm at a path accuracy of 0.1 mm. LCS integrated is furnished with laser systems by Rofin and already prepared for further automations. The completely closed workspace meets the increased safety requirements.

Laser-cutting with five axes

The 5-axis laser cutting system LCS integrated makes processing of complex and even three-dimensional outlines possible. Also areas of limited access or three-dimensional apertures can be precisely and quickly processed through laser-cutting. The tasks are performed in an efficient and powerless way. The development team of gKteso has devoted special attention to the high quality laser beam source, the laser beam guidance and the processing head as well as the cutting nozzle. In the LCS integrated model, high professional focusing optics bundle the laser beam and consequently generate the required intensity for laser-cutting.

Laser cutting with concentric light

In a laser cutting system, the material is cut in two steps. Firstly, the laser beam is absorbed at the cutting front, carrying in the required energy for cutting. Subsequently, the cutting nozzle, disposed concentrically with the laser, provides the process gas, which protects the focusing optics from vapors and splashes and pushes the removed material out of the kerf. Due to generation of heat during this process, unavoidable heat related deformations may occur. That is why it is necessary to test beforehand, whether the material tends to liquefy, vaporize or oxidize during cutting. You have questions about the laser cutting system LCS integrated or laser cutting by gKteso or laser-cutting? Then feel free to give us a call or write us.

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